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Tips on Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Colors for your House Plan

The home is ready to move into, but one last thing remains – painting the outside. Making choices about all the different things that go into building a house is difficult. The number of colors and combinations available in your local paint store are mindboggling and making that final choice, which you will have to live with for sometime, is always confusing.

The first step in choosing the correct exterior paint color is to plan well in advance and do a little experimenting. Walk around the neighborhood and check out the paint schemes used because although you want your home to have its individuality, it should not stand out like a sore thumb. Also make sure to find out if there are any restrictions with regard to exterior paint colors in your locality. It is not about curbing your freedom and imagination, but the fact is that certain shades seem more suitable for certain architectural designs. Buy magazines, draw your home or take photographs and make black and white copies and color them, use software, anything that will give you a feel of the real thing. Pick up a number of exterior paint color cards which suggest the correct color combinations and patterns. Finally, don’t forget the experts – find a consultant to help with your most difficult choices or just for assistance and advice at the local paint store.

Color is a dynamic force and it is a well know fact that it can augment moods both positively and negatively. Although it is a very personal choice and no one can tell you which colors are the best for your home, make sure you know what moods different colors evoke. This will also help you in choosing colors for the body and the trims. For instance, the right shade of yellow is a cheerful color and can be easily used for trimmings because it draws attention. But too much of it can be over-stimulating. Green is associated with nature and can be calming and soothing. Red, like yellow, attracts a lot of attention but is also known to raise blood pressure. Red is rarely used for the body of a house, but hints of red could look nice on doors and windows. Of course, the most opted for exterior colors are white, off-white, & beige simply because of their neutrality.

A two tone paint job is most common, but choosing many colors which highlight the architectural and design features of your home will be more dramatic. Dark colors make bigger houses look small while lighter shades will make small ones look more spacious. A black or gray will absorb and retain more heat and vivid palettes are prone to fading if exposed to direct sunlight. If you live in a sunny area choose shades of white & tan, not only because they reflect light and heat but also because they intensify shadows. For the body of a house soft and muted colors are preferred, while brighter shades are apt for trimmings and relief details.

Once you have honed in on a set of colors, buy testers and paint portions of your home and make sure you study your choice in the morning, afternoon, evening and even under artificial lighting. Colors alter with changing light and only when you are totally comfortable with your choice, head to the paint store with appropriate dimensions so that the experts can suggest the amount of paint your home will need.

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