Cordova House Plan in Yucatan, Mexico

October 11, 2012

Cordova House Plan in Yucatan, Mexico

More progress from our client in Yucatan, Mexico!

Below are pictures showing the progress of building our Cordova House Plan.    The client is very excited that the roof is about to be poured, yes, roof is being POURED!

Pouring concrete roofs is not common practice on house plans here in the United States.  The entire roof will be poured all at one time!!  You will see in the photos below how they have prepped the house for this, very interesting!

So as you can see any of our home plans can be customized  to be built in any region, climate, ect!  Some other changes we have done: wood frame conversions, ICF & steel structures, and concrete floors!  The house plans are modified  by us, and then your local engineer fits them to any local building construction type.

Please enjoy the pictures of the Cordova house plan – Thank you David for sending them!


Prepping for roof poor

Wood supports, common in Mexico


Front of Cordova House Plan


Rear of Cordova House Plan


Roof system for Cordova House Plan