Unlock more value in your home’s design by working with an experienced architectural design pro

April 7, 2017

Unlock more value in your home’s design by working with an experienced architectural design pro

Most people think of dollars and cents when they think about home value. An appraisal estimates resale value of a home by comparing it to other similarly sized homes in your neighborhood. Since your custom designed home is not a commodity, an appraisal only tells part of the story of value.

The Value in Livability

Design impacts value in a variety of subtle ways related not only to resale, but also your enjoyment of the home while you are living there. A seasoned architectural design professional has the knowledge and experience to guide you through crucial decisions during the design process to maximize all aspects of livability.

Your family has unique needs that may evolve over your tenure in your custom home. A thoughtful home design will make the best use of space and functionality related to your family’s needs. During the course of your time in the home, you’ll appreciate the design choices you made, and resale value will also be enhanced.

Lot Features and Views

Another way design affects value is in maximizing lot features or minimizing lot challenges. A waterfront lot has added intrinsic value, and the right design will adequately showcase the views for your enjoyment and improve value. Conversely, a challenging lot requires special skill to efficiently use the space without sacrificing livability or value.

Enhance Community Value

On a larger scale, the value of your home is impacted by design choices made throughout the neighborhood. A developer who works with an experienced architect can enhance the value of the entire neighborhood by planning a complementary design scheme. A well thought-out site plan, infrastructure, amenities and design scheme augments the resale value of all homes in the community.

Look for future posts that will delve deeper into making the most of the various aspects of livability.